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    Has anyone ever gotten you so angry you've wanted to explode? Client, Boss, Workmate, Family Member, Friend, Spouse, Partner? Before now you had to hold it all in for fear of the consequences. That isn't healthy. But hold it in no more! Welcome to Vent Buzz. Simply register, log in, type their name or email, vent and send. They'll never receive it but you'll get a witty reply that agrees with everything you said! Best of all, its out of your system and you can go back to living happy. Vent Buzz, Explode Safely.
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Always Free. Always satisfying.

Say what you really feel, lower your blood pressure and give yourself a giggle.
We don't charge you anything. We sell ads to people who don't use annoying ads.
You're welcome.

How it works

Its so simple that if you can't do it you should feel ridiculous.

1: Register manually or with Facebook or Google by clicking "register" in the top right of the site.

2: Enter a name or email address of the person you wish to vent to. (Don't worry they will never receive it, the email only gets sent to you.

3: Then check the "your vents" page to see a response that agrees with everything you said because you are brilliant!

Get Started

Sample of response

Dear "sender",

I'm so sorry. I got your eloquent and vivacious message. You are absolutely correct in everything you said. You have taught me an important lesson and I will never doubt you or question you again because you are a far better person than I.

I cannot thank you enough for bringing my abundant shortcomings to my attention.

I will do better. Humble regards Recipient